Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Bits of 2013

I've been a tad under the weather these past few days, but I didn't want to miss out on a little review of some of the best bits of 2013! 

1. I opened my online shop to sell my dolls and illustrations! 

This is a big one for me because one of my resolutions for this year was to BE BRAVE.

I had a hard time choosing which platform to use, and ended up with an Etsy and a Storenvy, but I've had the best response from Storenvy. I also met an awesome group of artists and crafters, who have been super supportive and become great friends! If you're looking for a handmade community Storenvy is the place to be! 

I am also excited to say that even though my little shop wasn't open for very long, I made 10 sales this year! Which is just amazing! I've had a great response to my artwork, and I've been cooking up all sorts of cute ideas for 2014!

2. I learned about zines from my rad friend Sonya!

I drew this for her as the cover of her next zine! 

I've also bought so many zines, with plans to buy more. I have an idea for a zine of my own, I just need to make some time to draw everything....sounds like another goal for 2014!

3. I had my 1 year blogiversary giveaway.

I moved my blog from Wordpress to here, but before I did, I had a wonderful giveaway with great feedback. It was so much fun!

4. I finished my 52 week project!

I actually finished something! This is a real challenge for me, because I am all over the place. For instance, I still haven't finished my 30 Days of Lists from March....Amelia made it easy for me to do this challenge because I am constantly taking pictures of her. I'm trying to figure out what to do for 2014's challenge. 

5. Blog re-design!

This is a more recent accomplishment, but I am very proud of my logo and blog redesign. I just got my business cards in the mail today with my new logo. I'm super excited about this brand that I am creating, and look forward to where I can take it in 2014!

I just want to thank everyone who reads my blog and who has supported me by purchasing items in my shop or an ad space. It really means the world to me! I hope you have an awesome New Year's!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Handmade Fav: Squshies

In a effort to promote handmade, I started featuring some of my favorite handmade shops. Please check out these amazing shops and support handmade! 

Today's featured shop is Squshies, which is run by the amazing Danielle!

What is it that you make/sell?

Felt Animal Ornaments, Hoop Art and Needle Felted Sculptures

What is something unique about your shop, process, or how you got started?

I started making felt animals as a fun thing to do in between job searches but it quickly replaced my job search. I've loved cartoons and animals for as long as I can remember and I think the Squshies are the perfect combination of two things I love. All of the Squshies are handmade and designed by me and my husband. We try to caricature the features of the animal that make them special. Every Squshie is made of eco-fi felt. We hand cut and hand sew each piece of felt for every Squshie.

What is your favorite product and why is it the perfect gift?

Favorite product? That is a tough choice! I personally love the weirder animals that we make, aardvarks and elephant seals, animals that you usually can't ever find in stores. Great for an animal lover that prefers the more unusual. Our dog ornaments also make great gifts for any of the dog lovers in your life.

Danielle also did an awesome collaboration with Cody of Lu & Ed! The super cute Gabos Ornament is a limited edition ornament that was designed by Danielle. A portion of the sale price is donated to Drumm Farm, a home for kids and young adults in the Missouri foster care system. http://drummforkids.org/

You can keep up the latest Squshies products and news here:

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rad After Christmas Sale

I hope you are still in your PJ's all nice and cozy with some hot cocoa. It's the day after Christmas, and you know what that means?! After Christmas Sales! So stay home and shop until you drop! 

I've just taken 30% off all the items in my shop! There is no need for a promo code! I can't wait to show you all the cool things I'm working on for 2014!

Also, keep an eye on my Twitter, I've been retweeting all the rad after Christmas sales in other shops today!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

52/52 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! 

I actually finished a photography challenge! Although it wasn't hard because I am constantly taking pictures of Amelia. My mom actually took this picture of us before Clint and I went to his work Christmas party. I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday!

We are at the ranch enjoying Christmas with Clint's family. We did Christmas with my family last week when they were all here visiting for Amelia's birthday.

I am trying to decide on my next photography goal. I have been trying to participate in the #fmsphotoaday challenge on Instagram, but I am awful with keeping up. Although, I found if I write what each day is in my day planner, I am more likely to remember. Are you participating? It's super fun and random, I love seeing what everyone comes up with for the same photo prompt and how different everyone's photos are. 

I was thinking about doing another 52 weeks project, but I am not sure on my subject matter yet. I was thinking perhaps more arty? I was also thinking I should get better at using my camera instead of my phone. That is how I started this last challenge, and then I got lazy and started using my phone again. My goal is to get better at using an actual camera. 

I know some people like to do the 365 project, which is one heck of a challenge. Are you into photography challenges? Which ones have you participated in? Completed? Any subject matter you would like to see lots of pictures of on Scrawny Girl in 2014? Let me know in the comments!


Monday, December 23, 2013

On Repeat: Christmas Music

I'm one of those people who love to listen to Christmas music, especially since I haven't worked at the mall in several years. If you work in a mall I sympathize for you and the non-stop Christmas music. 

I really love Christmas music from the early 2000's, oh you know N*Sync, a little Britney Spears, and my all time favorite....Hanson! I've been listening to the Hanson Pandora Christmas station almost non stop since Thanksgiving. I will admit I am a bit of a Hanson fan girl....They were performing at SXSW a couple years ago when I was there and I was super sad I didn't get to see them live. I'm not sure if I could deal with grown up Hanson though....

I really just need to buy this album...I wonder if it's on vinyl...I wonder if all their albums are on vinyl.....(insert the dreamy sigh of a hipster here)

The only other Christmas album I listen to non stop is A Very She & Him Christmas. I am a big fan of the movie Elf, which somehow always makes me want to listen to this album. I have this on vinyl and on my iTunes. I burned a copy to a cd to listen to in my car a few years ago and it is so scratched that it just skips constantly.

Are you a fan of Christmas music? If so, what is your favorite album?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Sponsor Shout Out

It seems this month has flown by! Moving my blog to blogger and accepting sponsors has been an awesome experience. I can't wait to meet more bloggers and handmade artists through this community! I've enjoyed getting to follow along with my sponsors as they prepped for this crazy holiday season! Make sure to check out these rad shops and blogs, and leave some love!

The Lu & Ed shop is just full of the most unique products, but you gotta catch 'em fast (like a Pokemon) because she sells out quickly! She has a cute collaboration ornament that is on sale, and a portion of the proceeds go to Drumm Farm, a home for kids and young adults in the Missouri foster care system. You can also check out Lu & Ed's Handmade Fav feature to learn more about how rad her shop is!

Pelhuaz by Red is a cute shop full of handmade jewelry that would be the perfect gift for any occasion. Her for the little princess line is super cute, and I can't wait for Amelia to be old enough to wear some! Check out Pelhuaz by Red's Handmade Fav feature here!

AnnaBela Artistry makes amazing crocheted pieces and jewelry. I really love that they make cute things for animals too! AnnaBela Artistry is also giving 20% of proceeds to a family in the Philippines effected by the typhoon, how cool is that?!

Little House of Crafting is one of my favorite stores to buy little geek gifts for myself! Toni makes perler bead art and pinbacks/magnets. I couldn't help myself and bought her new Bubbles from The PowerPuff Girls perler. You can read about me gushing about how much I love her shop here!

Angelhearts Crafts makes the loveliest pendants, pouches, and clips. I am really enjoying her new upcycled elephant plushies. You can check out her Handmade Fav feature here!

Kiser Krafts makes unique and wonderful plushies from socks. She also did a collaboration with Violet's Buds, so please check out this rad lion where 50% of the proceeds goes to Drumm Farm, a home for kids and young adults in the Missouri foster care system. You can learn more about Kiser Krafts in her Handmade Fav feature!

ArtyStik Ego makes wearable art disguised as jewelry. Everything in her shop is just so shiny and beautiful! Take a peek at her Handmade Feature to learn more!

Violet's Buds is an eco-friendly handmade accessories store, overflowing with cuteness. The Dolly & Me collection is too adorable! I am wearing one of her fun clips right now! Check out more in her Handmade Fav feature!

Bracelet Frenzy is a shop full of your favorite braided bracelets! I am a big fan of the Gryffindor bracelet! Check back in 2014 for Bracelet Frenzy's Handmade Fav feature, but for now you can follow them on Facebook to keep up with the latest!

CallunaMuse makes marvelous beaded earrings. I know a friend of mine who would love all of her sparkly earrings. Please check back in 2014 for her Handmade Fav feature, just in time for Valentine's Day. Also, keep up with the latest by following CallunaMuse on Facebook.

I have a few new sponsors this month that will be featured in my January post, but be sure to check out their blogs and shops too! If you would like to be a part of this awesome community, check out my sponsor page for more info, or feel free to talk to me on Twitter.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Today is Amelia's 1st birthday! This year has just flown by! We had her party on Saturday, and she had so much fun. She enjoyed everyone singing Happy Birthday, opening presents, and smashing cake. It was the cutest little party. Sadly none of her cousins we able to make it, but it just kept all the attention on her which was nice. I also get to keep all the rad goodies I picked up for the goody bags, and I'm not complaining (hello MLP temporary tattoos). 

Her cousins are here visiting and it's interesting to see her interacting with kids close to her age. She definitely loves to follow them around and copy them. Tonight we are having mini cupcakes (courtesy of MiMi) to celebrate after dinner. 

I am not big on sharing super personal things on here, and especially not birthing stories. Truthfully birthing stories freak me out. I read one once, and I never thought I would have a baby after reading it. But I wanted to share a few things from the day Amelia was born so I wouldn't forget, and maybe someday she will read it and enjoy learning about the beginning of her life. 

Amelia Birthday Fun Facts:

1. I started the very early signs of labor in Pier 1. I was Christmas shopping with my friends T&E.
2. Clint was at work, and rushed home. We headed up to the hospital with my mom in tow at 11pm on Dec 17th.
3. Upon arrival I immediately asked for the epidural. I thought I was going to be hardcore and wait until I really needed it, but I went in and told them to give new the good stuff. Of course I had to wait an hour.
4. Amelia was born at 7:41 am on Dec 18th. My mom was there and so was Clint. My moms job was to give me the oxygen mask between pushes. 
5. I kept saying "they didn't tell me this in the class!" I so wasn't prepared! 
6. The first thing I said when I held her was "she doesn't look like an alien" and "she has hair!"
7. Later that day there was a crazy haboob.
8.We spent the entire time in the hospital watching Castle.
9. When we finally went to leave the hospital our car wouldn't start, and a security guard had to help jump start it. 

She was the cutest little thing and it was a very exciting time. Clint was super cute and got to give her her first bath and he loved cuddling with her (and still does). She's definitely a daddy's girl. She has grown to be the funniest little girl with a bright personality. We are very excited to share all these new experiences with her as she grows. Xo

Handmade Fav: Little House Of Crafting

In an effort to promote handmade this holiday season, I am featuring some of my fav handmade shops. Please check out these amazing shops and support handmade!

Today's handmade fav featured shop is one of my super favs! I am addicted to all her cute geeky products! I've bought several of my friends and family little stocking stuffers from Toni's shop this holiday season, and I can't wait to buy more!

What is it that you make/sell?

I make pinback buttons and perler bead art. I also have my pinback buttons available in magnet form. 

If you don't know what perler bead art is, here is an awesome example:

What is something unique about your shop, process, or how you got started?

I ensure that my perler bead art is of the highest quality. I take the time to iron the pieces until the holes in the beads are closed. This amount of time varies depending on the color of the bead; however, I want to insure that customers are receiving a highly durable product.

Perler beads are super small, and I think it takes some amazing patience and skill to make these rad designs. I also think Toni must be a genius to come up with all these patterns!

What is your favorite product and why is it the perfect gift?

My favorite product my Keep Calm and Write On button. It's the perfect gift as November is National Novel Writing Month. 50% of the sale price will be dontated to NaNoWriMo on December 1st so everybody wins!

Even though NaNoWriMo is already over this year, take a look at all her other amazing pinbacks! I am a huge fan of her Harry Potter and Adventure Time themed ones! Toni also take custom orders! I have so many I want her to make for me!

This is my bag with my Luna Lovegood quote and my Lumpy Space Princess pinbacks! 
I also wear them....

Anything else you would like to add Toni?

Thank you so much for reading about me and my shop. :) I will have Scrawny Girl featured on my blog in December. Please come and see her feature!

Thanks for participating Toni! 
You can keep up with the latest products and news for Little House of Crafting here:


Monday, December 16, 2013

The Unicorns Made Me Do It

I'm working on some rad new changes to the blog for 2014. You can already see some change with my blog layout and logo. I really wanted my little space here to be more of a reflection of me and the growth I've made as an artist. I'm also going to have lots of new arty things to look forward to in the new year! 

I appreciate every single person who takes the time to read my blog, leave a comment, and chat with me on Twitter! Interacting and making new friends makes having a blog even more fun! I made a short blog reader survey to get some feedback from all you lovelies. It's not long and you can click here to fill it out. 

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays! xo

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Wear Your Joy Project Week 2

I've been trying to attempt to take a picture of my outfits each day. I've been really proud of myself for actually getting dressed for the most part. If you want to know more about Kelly Rae Robert's Wear Your Joy Project you can check out my post here.

This past Saturday I cut all my hair off! I'm really enjoying it. Now I just need to decide on a color...Right now I'm sticking with a natural color, but I can hear the fun wild colors calling my name already....

If you'd like to play along, leave me a link in the comments I'd love to check out your outfits!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Santa's little helper destroyed our big Christmas tree, granted it was kinda on its last legs anyway. She is obsessed with Christmas lights and Christmas carols, it's cute! Now we have Christmas tree 2.0 up, which is my old tiny silver tree from my first apartment. It is very cute, and harder to destroy. 

Amelia's top teeth finally came in this weekend, which made for a cranky pony princess. Speaking of ponies....Amelia's birthday party is this weekend, so we have been attempting to clean our house for guests this week!

Do you have your house decorated yet? We've been slowly working on ours.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Last Call in Time for Christmas

The cut off to get an item from the Scrawny Girl Shop before Christmas is Friday, December 13th. 

I still have a few Christmas-y items, that are now 1/2 off, like these kawaii original watercolor paintings. 

I also have a couple of ornaments left too!

And just for being awesome, use the code MERRY to get 20% off your whole order!

Happy Christmas!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Handmade Fav: Violet's Buds

In an effort to promote handmade this holiday season, I am featuring some of my fav handmade shops. Please check out these amazing shops and support handmade!

Violet's Buds is an Eco-Friendly handmade hair accessories shop, where being green is cute!
 This Blushing Berry headband is one of my favorites! I love anything pink or to do with cherry blossoms. These headbands come in different sizes from infant to adult, making it easy to match for family pictures.

One fun feature of this kanzashi clip, is its versatility. The flower is fastened on an alligator clip making it easy to wear in your hair, clip to your lapel, purse, headband, or anywhere else you can think of. 

 These cute fabric button bobby pins would make a great stocking stuffer for any pink lover. You can't go wrong with this small accessory.

 If you're looking for something simple and elegant, Violet's Buds has several beautiful clips to choose from. I am also a fan of the Dolly & Me clips. There's one for your little one, and one for her dolly! How cute! 

Violet's Buds also features handmade shops on her blog! Check out all these amazing handmade shops, and if you'd like to be a participant you can fill out the form and find more information on her blog.

Keep up with the latest from Violet's Buds here:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sponsor in December

I'd love to have you on board as a sponsor in December! It's my favorite time of the year, and my birthday month! I have lots of exciting posts planned! I offer affordable rates for bloggers, artists, and small businesses. I am now offering a couple ad swap spaces too. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at scrawnygirl (@) yahoo . com.

If you're interested take a look at some of my stats and available ad spots here!

My Christmas & Birthday Wishlist

Everyone has been asking what I want for Christmas and my birthday, which is December 31st. I can never think of anything off the top of my head, so I started a little list as I saw or thought of things I liked. It was kinda fun, and I definitely came up with an interesting mix. 

1. Bake and Destroy Good Food for Bad Vegans by Natalie Slater looks like it has some awesome yummy recipes in it from what I've seen on a few different blogs. I'm not a vegan, but I do go through phases and usually in the New Year I try to always be healthier like everyone else.

2. Record Player. I love this floral one, but any will do. I somehow broke ours and it only plays really slow and weird. I really miss listening to vinyl, and I want Amelia to enjoy it too.

3. You've Got Mail on DVD. This is one of my favorite movies and I can't find it in stores anywhere! Seriously, this is a classic movie I don't understand why I can't find it!

4. Gnarly Whale Products. I want everything from this shop, but I think I will love all the bubble gum and cotton candy scented items. They even have holiday scented items like sugar plum and candy cane! I also like that they are vegan! Since becoming a mom I've been thinking more and more about the things we put on or in our bodies at the Miller house.

5. Bee and Puppycat sweater or a t-shirt. I am in love with Bee and Puppycat! I've only seen one episode, and I can't for them to make more! We Love Fine Tees makes lots of cute nerdy things that I love...ummm...hello MLP leggings! I could probably get my whole wardrobe from their site!

6. Perma on Vinyl. I love this record by Sherri and Max Bemis! It's cute and upbeat, and who doesn't love songs about falling in love?!

7. Pokemon X. I've never played a Pokemon game! What you say?! It's true, but I've always wanted to. I heard you are supposed to start with Soul Silver or Heart Gold, but those games are super pricey these days...like $80! What are your opinions on Pokemon?

8. Toms Ballet Flats. It was love at first sight when I was this bright purple and pink ballet flats. I have a denim pair that I wore all throughout my pregnancy, but they just don't fit right anymore. As comfy as Toms are, I can't justify paying so much for them, but they are pretty.

9. Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. I've been really working with watercolors, and I use the pencils to make my cards. I only have a small, very used set. I would like to upgrade to a professional set now that I've gotten used to using them all the time.

10. Sucre' Macarons. I've wanted to try a macaron forever, and there is no where in town that makes them! Sucre' is in New Orleans, but they ship macarons anywhere! I am tempted to just order a tiny package so I can finally say I've tried them....

What's on your wishlist? Do you make one for your family to see? I like seeing them, and making this one has been fun. Leave a link to you wishlist, I'd love to check it out!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Amelia had a fun time at LaLa's house this past week. Her favorite thing was the refrigerator. If anyone opened the fridge she was there to help and keep it open to pull everything in reach out. She enjoyed trying lots of new foods, feeding ducks and chickens, getting puppy kisses, and riding the little bouncy/rocking horse. We helped LaLa decorate a bit for Christmas, and went to Gail to see Santa. Amelia didn't cry, but I don't think she knew what was going on. Only a couple more weeks until her birthday party!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!