Sunday, April 28, 2013

That's What She Said Sunday


I thought this photo was pretty rad. Also, I'm feeling pretty good this week. I've been trying my best to get things done around the house, take time for myself, and do some yoga. So be fabulous this Sunday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Picture 25We had Amelia's pictures taken a few weeks ago at Wadleigh Studio in Snyder, TX. They turned out crazy cute! I'll have to share the others soon.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Reading Books: "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)"

Picture 27Amelia decided to take a nap, and I was able to finish this amazingly awesome book. I picked it up at Target one day because everyone was talking about it on Instagram and Twitter. Also, because the cover was cute and hipster-y. Truthfully, I had no idea who Mindy was, but now I want to watch The Office and The Mindy Project (as soon as it's on Netflx, I'm all over it!).

Some of my favorite chapters include, 'The Day I Stopped Eating Cupcakes' and 'Franchises I Would Like To Reboot'. I am all for your Ghostbusters idea Mindy! I also learned a lot about the comedy world, what it would be like to live in LA and New York (which were always dreams of mine growing up), and Irish Exits. I recommended my husband read this book, and I give it as many stars as you're able to give.

So if you've lost your puppy and have been feeling kinda bummed, pick up this book, it's guaranteed to make you feel better and wish Mindy was your BFF.

Monday, April 15, 2013

This and That





1. Finished the letters for Amelia's room and finally hung them.
2. I won this cute Yummy You! Cupcake coin purse on a twitter giveaway! I was super excited to win!
3. Reading materials: new Nylon and Clean.
4. Trying to read a funny book while Amelia slept on me, but page turning wakes her up. :(

Coffee Date

Something Inspiring Lost and Found Pets of Lubbock and the Dachshund Rescue. We still haven't found Duo but so many people have gone out looking and are keeping an eye out. So thanks, and I hope we find him soon.

Something Disturbing the amount of times I've dyed my hair recently. Hopefully soon I will find a color I like and stick to it.

Something New I'm currently reading a book about doing a cleanse, called Clean. I'm also reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. Yes I'm that person who reads like 4 books at the same time.

Something I'm Listening To Paramore's new album. I haven't heard all of it yet, but I'm really liking what I've heard so far.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

That's What She Said Sunday


This is a reminder of all the things I want to do, and to start making time working out. Happy Sunday.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013



Today we got home from visiting my husband's parents for his birthday. LaLa made an appointment for Amelia to get her pictures taken. She was so cute!

Sadly, when we got home, we discovered our puppies had dug out of the yard and had vanished. I had a nice girl call to tell me she had Loki, but Duo is still missing. Loki was found over 2 miles from our house, where he had to cross several busy streets and the loop. We searched all evening, but never found Duo. I'm worried because it's supposed to freeze tonight, but I'm confident someone took him in.

Amelia has been trying to cheer me up all evening. How can you not smile at her cute face. I also ate some cake.

Cross your heart and kiss your elbow that we find him tomorrow. I plan to call shelters and put up signs in case his collar came off in his adventures. Please come home Duo! 😭

Sunday, April 7, 2013

That's What She Said Sunday


Today we are having home made German chocolate cake. My husband's mother makes it for his birthday every year. It's the only chocolate cake I like.
Happy Sunday, eat some cake

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Coffee Date


Something Inspiring or someone in this case, is my hair stylist. She is so positive and full of wisdom. I always appreciate her honesty. I am also excited that she gets to go see Bjork this summer!

Something New I'm thinking about doing a cleanse, so I'm doing some research. I liked this post from Gala.

Something Disturbing the amount of times I've been to Target this week. I keep forgetting something, and I tend to go and walk around if I get some alone time.

Something I'm listening to Little Einsteins. I can't get the theme song out of my head! I know this will just get worse as Amelia gets older.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday

Today is my husband's birthday! He's my best friend and the best dad ever! Amelia and I are off to make him some brownies! xo
looking cutecouple Picture 3 Picture 32 DSC02270 IMG_4494 IMG_6298

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wintery Spring Day Moodboard

Wintery Morning in April

It's been springy here in Texas, until today. It's cold and rainy with a chance of tornadoes or snow....It's a good day to blog, listen to records, drink coffee, and stay comfy and warm. Amelia thinks it's a good day to nap.


DSCN0419I forgot my camera when we went to the ranch for Easter. So this morning I tried to shoot a picture of Amelia with her Easter basket. She is very wiggly these days, so most shots are action shots.

I love her big smile here! She smiles a lot, loves to dance, and has started making little giggle sounds! xo

Coffee Date

coffeeI meant for this post to go up on Saturday, but a cute baby distracted me from hitting publish :)

Something Inspiring: My friend Debra and her husband Paul. They make the most amazing costumes (and look amazing in them!), and they go to events and make people happy. I think it's pretty awesome. I love how they give back in such a fun way, and they do it as a couple! You can check out her blog Fantastically Super and their Facebook page for their non-profit, Project Hero.

Something New: I died my hair, again. LoL. It is super fun. I call it super hero red.

Something Disturbing: The number of pictures on my computer that I've taken of coffee over the years.

Something I'm Listening to: My husband left a Sufjan Stevens cd in my car. I can't remember which one though.