Tuesday, April 9, 2013



Today we got home from visiting my husband's parents for his birthday. LaLa made an appointment for Amelia to get her pictures taken. She was so cute!

Sadly, when we got home, we discovered our puppies had dug out of the yard and had vanished. I had a nice girl call to tell me she had Loki, but Duo is still missing. Loki was found over 2 miles from our house, where he had to cross several busy streets and the loop. We searched all evening, but never found Duo. I'm worried because it's supposed to freeze tonight, but I'm confident someone took him in.

Amelia has been trying to cheer me up all evening. How can you not smile at her cute face. I also ate some cake.

Cross your heart and kiss your elbow that we find him tomorrow. I plan to call shelters and put up signs in case his collar came off in his adventures. Please come home Duo! 😭

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