Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blogosphere Reads


I've been trying to catch up on blog reading while I have a cute baby sleeping on me. Enjoy!

This post is awesome! Be yourself!

If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will enjoy this!

This is a great reminder not to judge.

This seems like a fun summer workshop.

Did you read any awesome blog posts this week?

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

You may laugh but I've always wanted to take a bubble bath in a fancy tub, while reading a book and drinking wine coffee. These days, I'm lucky if I get to wash my hair, let alone relax in a tub and read. Sometimes dreams do come true....





This is at my husband's parents ranch. I need to remember to take the time to do this more often.

What is a dream you have that others may consider silly?

Scrawny Girl Etsy Shop Open

Picture 1

I tried a few different selling platforms and decided to stick with Etsy. I felt like this was the best decision for my business for now. I have 7 handmade dolls up for sale, with 3 of them on sale. The sale dolls are patterns I designed, but didn't love. I'm super excited to have found a focus, and I have really enjoyed designing and sewing these dolls. I can only foresee lots of fun experimenting with my designs, and improving my sewing skills.

Please check out my shop and let me know what you think or if there is something you'd like to see! Thanks!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



My mom came for a visit over the long weekend and snapped this picture of me and Amelia. It's my favorite picture of us!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

That's What She Said Sunday


Photo Source

Pizza and a beer sounds awesome.....

Blogosphere Reads


Photo source

I've been out of town, and stayed away longer because there was a haboob and other crazy weather. Also, my momma is visiting, and we decided to go to Old Navy during Memorial Day weekend. Obviously we survived, but just barely. Somehow, I managed to read a few blogs this week and here are my faves.

I want to plant some succulents and not kill them! Here's a simple how to

I like spying on other people's reading lists. I might be stalking you on Goodreads.

I love making risotto, so I'll definitely need to try this recipe.

I loved Kara's design for one of her finals. I would buy this product because of the cute packaging!

I feel I need to buy this for my gamer husband. His hands are always freezing! He will get over how cute it is. (Seriously we have a Hello Kitty bathroom, he will get over it)

Happy reading! Let me know if there is a blog post you really enjoyed this week, I'd like to check it out!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lately Lovin'

Life as been good, and I've been exploring and trying new things. Check out what I've been lovin' lately!

Photo source

Everything bagels are my new favorite food. We finally visited the new Einsteins Bagels, and now I dream about bagels.


I would love to read this book from Cath Kidston. Image from the latest issue of Gathered by Mollie Makes.


I love love finding Kawaii blogs! I can't wait to watch all her YouTube hair tutorial videos! Check out Violet LeBeaux

I'm also enjoying Tazo focus tea, making new cupcake recipes, and hanging out on the patio in the evenings.

What are you loving this week?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 5 Months Babycakes!


Today Amelia is 5 months old! Time has flown, and half a year will have passed soon! I've been craving sweets and curious about what is actually in red velvet cupcakes. After looking at a recipe, turned out I had everything on hand, except red food coloring. Luckily I had hot pink food coloring, so I made pink velvet cupcakes.


Amelia loved watching the mixer, and I managed to get powdered sugar everywhere.



I also managed to double line every other cupcake. I have no idea what was going on there. Lol.


I think they turned out pretty awesome (I only had 5 for dinner). It was my first time making a cream cheese frosting. I used Paula Dean's recipe, I tweeted the link or find it here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifting Mission

I love to go thrifting, but hardly ever get a chance to go. But hopefully soon I'll take a mom's day off and look for the ever elusive Dolly Parton coffee mug and the ultimate cat shirt. Here are few things I'm also on the hunt for:


A kid friendly coffee table. Ours rotates and could be dangerous for an exploring Amelia.


Photo credit Sincerely Jules

Apparently overalls are in for summer, but I'd rater skip the $80 price tag and find a pair that I won't mind getting rid of when this trend fades away again.


I'm also on the look out for some high waisted shorts or jeans that can be cut into shorts. As a mom, high waisted is better.

What is your thrifting mission?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blogosphere Reads


Photo source: A Beautiful Mess

Although its a little late, here are my favorite reads from around the blogosphere.

My favorite new iPhone photography app

If I lived in Marfa I would sneak into all the beautiful weddings.

I love how positive and inspiring Kelly Rae Roberts is, and the fact that she's not afraid to share her journey.

I'm sure we will be needing some Tangled Tantrums in the near future.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Around Town: Fragrance of Heaven

I recently visited Cactus Alley where lots of fun businesses have moved in. Walking around the courtyard, Magen from Fragrance of Heaven invited me and my friends into her shop. I am a candle addict, and recently a scensy addict. I love it when my house smells yummy and brings the scents of the season inside.


Magen explained that Fragrance of Heaven is not only a company, but a ministry and house of prayer. Each item in their shop is blessed and prayed over, and a scripture is placed on each item.


They use a paraffin blend wax to give each candle a long burn and great scent. They also have a DIY pour station where you can create your own scents and pour your own candles.


I bought four of the wax blocks to use in my scentsy warmers. So far I've tried the Mommy Time scent, and the Leather (which my husband loved). In my opinion they smell better than any other brands I've tried, and at a great price!


Check out their Facebook page, Twitter , or stop by and create your own amazing candle!

Monday, May 13, 2013



If you haven't heard Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess just launched their amazingly cute photo app. I may be up all night playing with all the cute features. So much cute for only .99!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

18 & 19/52



I've been a bit behind on blogging, mostly due to being the best momma I can be. Amelia has been teething and decided she hates napping, so we spends lots of time playing and snuggling. She is actually napping on her own accord at the moment. She's so cute! Xo

Saturday, May 4, 2013

That's What She Said Sunday


I am reading an ebook I found on goodreads of a continuation of the Harry Potter series that follows his son James. James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing by G. Norman Lippert, is the first in the series of 4. There also seemed to be several side short stories. Kinda makes me want to read Harry Potter all over again. So check it out if you've got the time and we can discuss it over coffee.

Blogosphere Reading List


I wanted to share a few of my favorite blog posts this week. Happy Reading!

I've only had Chemex coffee once but it was fun and delicious.

May the Fourth Be With you goodies

Make a bandeau from old leggings!

I decided to try this foundation, and I think it's magical.

I love love Kara's art journaling classes! Here's her newest!

Hopefully Amelia will keep napping so I can get ready for a coffee date with my girlfriends, while Papacakes watches baby girl. We are trying a local coffee shop, but more on that later! Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary

lookingToday is our 3 year anniversary! (We kept thinking it was 4). Even though it seems like we were so young (which we weren't me:27, him: 33), it's crazy to think that now we are parents!

Our wedding day was super magical, and if it weren't for our friends and family it wouldn't have turned out so special.

layout cupcakes aislewalking kissthebride brideSo, Happy Anniversary to the love of my life and BFF and the best dad a little girl could ask for! xo

PS Photos taken by my talented friend Brooke Dove. :)