Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On Repeat: Eisley

If you met me on the street, you would probably know that my favorite band is Eisley because I own at least five t-shirts and wear them all the time. My friend Brooke introduced me to Eisley in 2006 with Marvelous Things, which creates such a dreamy musical landscape that you can't help wanting to hear more.

The band members of Eisley are all related from Tyler, Texas and formed way back in 1997. They emerged on the Dallas music scene in 2001, and have since released four studio albums and numerous EPs.

I tried to catch them playing a few years ago when they released their third studio album The Valley, at SXSW where my husband was also playing. Sadly between running between my husband's shows, and the line to grab my RSVP pass I only got to listen from outside the venue.

Smarter is my favorite song off The Valley:

I finally got to see them live when they played here in Lubbock, and I bought tons of merch! Here are a few crummy iphone photos:

IMG_2862 IMG_2865 IMG_2859They just released their fourth studio album Currents, which is just as magical as all their other albums. You can definitely hear the progression of Eisley as a band, and the expansion of their musical prowess on this album. So far my favorite tracks are Save My Soul and Millstone.

Picture 2Here is an acoustic session featuring songs off the new album:

If you just can't get enough, most of the members have side projects:



Rising Fawn

Monday, September 2, 2013



Her hair is getting long, so I've been looking for some cute headbands to keep it out of her face. I found a tutorial to make the ones you knot, but I think I'll end up ordering some off Etsy. Let me know of any cute headband shops.

This past week was filled with a visit from MeMe, climbing on the couch, learning to feed herself from the squeeze pouches, and finding out some snacks aren't too bad. This lady is on the move, and will probably be walking in no time!