Saturday, April 6, 2013

Coffee Date


Something Inspiring or someone in this case, is my hair stylist. She is so positive and full of wisdom. I always appreciate her honesty. I am also excited that she gets to go see Bjork this summer!

Something New I'm thinking about doing a cleanse, so I'm doing some research. I liked this post from Gala.

Something Disturbing the amount of times I've been to Target this week. I keep forgetting something, and I tend to go and walk around if I get some alone time.

Something I'm listening to Little Einsteins. I can't get the theme song out of my head! I know this will just get worse as Amelia gets older.


  1. I love walking around Target! They have amazing lighting (lighting really affects my mood!) and such epic products. :D

  2. "Something Disturbing the amount of times I’ve been to Target this week" - hahaha! I'm so with you!