Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Sponsor Shout Out

It seems this month has flown by! Moving my blog to blogger and accepting sponsors has been an awesome experience. I can't wait to meet more bloggers and handmade artists through this community! I've enjoyed getting to follow along with my sponsors as they prepped for this crazy holiday season! Make sure to check out these rad shops and blogs, and leave some love!

The Lu & Ed shop is just full of the most unique products, but you gotta catch 'em fast (like a Pokemon) because she sells out quickly! She has a cute collaboration ornament that is on sale, and a portion of the proceeds go to Drumm Farm, a home for kids and young adults in the Missouri foster care system. You can also check out Lu & Ed's Handmade Fav feature to learn more about how rad her shop is!

Pelhuaz by Red is a cute shop full of handmade jewelry that would be the perfect gift for any occasion. Her for the little princess line is super cute, and I can't wait for Amelia to be old enough to wear some! Check out Pelhuaz by Red's Handmade Fav feature here!

AnnaBela Artistry makes amazing crocheted pieces and jewelry. I really love that they make cute things for animals too! AnnaBela Artistry is also giving 20% of proceeds to a family in the Philippines effected by the typhoon, how cool is that?!

Little House of Crafting is one of my favorite stores to buy little geek gifts for myself! Toni makes perler bead art and pinbacks/magnets. I couldn't help myself and bought her new Bubbles from The PowerPuff Girls perler. You can read about me gushing about how much I love her shop here!

Angelhearts Crafts makes the loveliest pendants, pouches, and clips. I am really enjoying her new upcycled elephant plushies. You can check out her Handmade Fav feature here!

Kiser Krafts makes unique and wonderful plushies from socks. She also did a collaboration with Violet's Buds, so please check out this rad lion where 50% of the proceeds goes to Drumm Farm, a home for kids and young adults in the Missouri foster care system. You can learn more about Kiser Krafts in her Handmade Fav feature!

ArtyStik Ego makes wearable art disguised as jewelry. Everything in her shop is just so shiny and beautiful! Take a peek at her Handmade Feature to learn more!

Violet's Buds is an eco-friendly handmade accessories store, overflowing with cuteness. The Dolly & Me collection is too adorable! I am wearing one of her fun clips right now! Check out more in her Handmade Fav feature!

Bracelet Frenzy is a shop full of your favorite braided bracelets! I am a big fan of the Gryffindor bracelet! Check back in 2014 for Bracelet Frenzy's Handmade Fav feature, but for now you can follow them on Facebook to keep up with the latest!

CallunaMuse makes marvelous beaded earrings. I know a friend of mine who would love all of her sparkly earrings. Please check back in 2014 for her Handmade Fav feature, just in time for Valentine's Day. Also, keep up with the latest by following CallunaMuse on Facebook.

I have a few new sponsors this month that will be featured in my January post, but be sure to check out their blogs and shops too! If you would like to be a part of this awesome community, check out my sponsor page for more info, or feel free to talk to me on Twitter.

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