Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Today is Amelia's 1st birthday! This year has just flown by! We had her party on Saturday, and she had so much fun. She enjoyed everyone singing Happy Birthday, opening presents, and smashing cake. It was the cutest little party. Sadly none of her cousins we able to make it, but it just kept all the attention on her which was nice. I also get to keep all the rad goodies I picked up for the goody bags, and I'm not complaining (hello MLP temporary tattoos). 

Her cousins are here visiting and it's interesting to see her interacting with kids close to her age. She definitely loves to follow them around and copy them. Tonight we are having mini cupcakes (courtesy of MiMi) to celebrate after dinner. 

I am not big on sharing super personal things on here, and especially not birthing stories. Truthfully birthing stories freak me out. I read one once, and I never thought I would have a baby after reading it. But I wanted to share a few things from the day Amelia was born so I wouldn't forget, and maybe someday she will read it and enjoy learning about the beginning of her life. 

Amelia Birthday Fun Facts:

1. I started the very early signs of labor in Pier 1. I was Christmas shopping with my friends T&E.
2. Clint was at work, and rushed home. We headed up to the hospital with my mom in tow at 11pm on Dec 17th.
3. Upon arrival I immediately asked for the epidural. I thought I was going to be hardcore and wait until I really needed it, but I went in and told them to give new the good stuff. Of course I had to wait an hour.
4. Amelia was born at 7:41 am on Dec 18th. My mom was there and so was Clint. My moms job was to give me the oxygen mask between pushes. 
5. I kept saying "they didn't tell me this in the class!" I so wasn't prepared! 
6. The first thing I said when I held her was "she doesn't look like an alien" and "she has hair!"
7. Later that day there was a crazy haboob.
8.We spent the entire time in the hospital watching Castle.
9. When we finally went to leave the hospital our car wouldn't start, and a security guard had to help jump start it. 

She was the cutest little thing and it was a very exciting time. Clint was super cute and got to give her her first bath and he loved cuddling with her (and still does). She's definitely a daddy's girl. She has grown to be the funniest little girl with a bright personality. We are very excited to share all these new experiences with her as she grows. Xo


  1. I don't have any kids of my own, but part of your birth story reminds me of what my dad told me about the day I was born! He and my mom were really young and my dad didn't have a job. A few days before I was born, my dad realized this may be a good time to go get a job. So his first day happened to be on the day I was born! He was at the hospital with my mom and me that night, and I was born at 4 am or something, so by 7 he had to go to his new job. And his car wouldn't start. So he just used his jumper cables and attached them to the next car in the parking lot and got it started. Except he didn't even ask anyone or anything. Apparently, the other car does NOT have to be turned on in order for jumping it to work! At least that is what my dad told me. I would not try that if I were you.
    Also happy birthday to Amelia... she's a cutie!

  2. I love that you continued shopping with us even while in pain. What a trooper! I also love that we got in trouble from your mom for keeping you out late:p So happy that we know Amelia:) Tell her happy birthday for us!