Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Christmas & Birthday Wishlist

Everyone has been asking what I want for Christmas and my birthday, which is December 31st. I can never think of anything off the top of my head, so I started a little list as I saw or thought of things I liked. It was kinda fun, and I definitely came up with an interesting mix. 

1. Bake and Destroy Good Food for Bad Vegans by Natalie Slater looks like it has some awesome yummy recipes in it from what I've seen on a few different blogs. I'm not a vegan, but I do go through phases and usually in the New Year I try to always be healthier like everyone else.

2. Record Player. I love this floral one, but any will do. I somehow broke ours and it only plays really slow and weird. I really miss listening to vinyl, and I want Amelia to enjoy it too.

3. You've Got Mail on DVD. This is one of my favorite movies and I can't find it in stores anywhere! Seriously, this is a classic movie I don't understand why I can't find it!

4. Gnarly Whale Products. I want everything from this shop, but I think I will love all the bubble gum and cotton candy scented items. They even have holiday scented items like sugar plum and candy cane! I also like that they are vegan! Since becoming a mom I've been thinking more and more about the things we put on or in our bodies at the Miller house.

5. Bee and Puppycat sweater or a t-shirt. I am in love with Bee and Puppycat! I've only seen one episode, and I can't for them to make more! We Love Fine Tees makes lots of cute nerdy things that I love...ummm...hello MLP leggings! I could probably get my whole wardrobe from their site!

6. Perma on Vinyl. I love this record by Sherri and Max Bemis! It's cute and upbeat, and who doesn't love songs about falling in love?!

7. Pokemon X. I've never played a Pokemon game! What you say?! It's true, but I've always wanted to. I heard you are supposed to start with Soul Silver or Heart Gold, but those games are super pricey these $80! What are your opinions on Pokemon?

8. Toms Ballet Flats. It was love at first sight when I was this bright purple and pink ballet flats. I have a denim pair that I wore all throughout my pregnancy, but they just don't fit right anymore. As comfy as Toms are, I can't justify paying so much for them, but they are pretty.

9. Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. I've been really working with watercolors, and I use the pencils to make my cards. I only have a small, very used set. I would like to upgrade to a professional set now that I've gotten used to using them all the time.

10. Sucre' Macarons. I've wanted to try a macaron forever, and there is no where in town that makes them! Sucre' is in New Orleans, but they ship macarons anywhere! I am tempted to just order a tiny package so I can finally say I've tried them....

What's on your wishlist? Do you make one for your family to see? I like seeing them, and making this one has been fun. Leave a link to you wishlist, I'd love to check it out!

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