Saturday, November 2, 2013

Handmade Fav: Lu & Ed

Handmade Fav is a weekly series where I showcase some of my favorite handmade shops and products. Please check out these amazing shops and support handmade.

Lu & Ed is an amazing eco-friendly shop that specializes in toy storage solutions, friendly monsters for every occasion, and fun collaborations with other artists to help support various charities.


One of my favorite things about Lu & Ed's products, is that they are all produced using recycled materials. All materials get used and recycled, leaving them with no landfill waste! They even go the extra mile and use recycled packaging. Every step of the process is as green as can be, and this makes me love this shop even more!


These big and little Mon-stor's each have their own little cute story. How could you not love toy storage that enjoys disco or adores penguins?!

I want to buy one of these for everyone I know! You can store all sorts of stuff in them: toys, laundry, diapers, video name it, you can store it in your one of a kind Mon-stor!


Protecting all your gadgets and gizmos just got cuter, with Gadget Mon-stors!


I hope to someday join Team Lu & Ed, and help change the world! Team Lu & Ed is a collaboration with other artists to make a limited edition product, where the proceeds are donated to charity. How cool is that?

Lu & Ed creator/founder, Cody, also came up with an awesome Cyber Monday Sale for handmade Storenvy shop owners! I am participating along with 50 other shops! Check out what's the what here, and start your Christmas window shopping before the BIG SALE!

  You can find Lu & Ed here:

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