Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Amelia has the cutest little voice! She recently started telling Clint bye bye when he leaves for work, with a little wave. She is still loving My Little Pony, and tries to carry all her plushie ponies around the house with her. I ordered some MLP birthday decorations and invites for her party next month. 

We finally found a pair of shoes that fit, stay on her feet, and she likes. She's so cute walking around in them. They look like little moccasins. 

Amelia is my little helper during the day. She helps me with laundry, dishes, blogging...you name it she wants to help. Although, her version of helping is a little less helpful and makes more work for me, but she's adorable. I'm excited for the day she can help me bake. I'm going to make us matching aprons!

What was your favorite thing to "help" with when you were little?

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