Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wizard Love

I'm sure many of you have seen this by now, but I was just thinking of how cute this is. My husband sent this to me a few years ago when I was still working at the mall and having a rough day, because he's the best husband ever. November is the month where we marathon all the Harry Potter movies, and sometimes I try to re-read all the books.

My husband's boss just got back from Harry Potter World, and he did not know a thing about Harry Potter. I think that is the strangest thing I've ever heard! He must be that guy that lives under a rock....I want to go to HPW so bad, or just move close enough to go everyday.

My favorite HP character is Luna Lovegood, which I've talked about before. She's probably my second spirit animal behind Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls. I also love love Neville, especially in the end where he kicks major evil booty!

I can't wait to share Harry Potter with Amelia! It's going to be so fun reading the books with her and watching the movies (when she's old enough).

Who is your favorite HP character?


  1. I have so many favorites from those books! But I guess my most favorite is Dobby. I still get choked up thinking about him.

    1. Oh I know! Major tears here! I loved his character too!