Thursday, March 14, 2013

Handmade Fav: My Kawaii Phone

IMG_5751For a while now I've wanted a decoden case for my phone, but all the ones I found were super expensive. I entertained the idea of making my own, but got overwhelmed with all the different cabochons and also the time it would take to glue all the pieces on. I stumbled across My Kawaii Phone on Etsy, who not only had  great prices but does custom cases. She has a new online shop on Storenvy where she sells her cases, and now uses her Etsy to sell cute cabochon sets.

I ordered a custom case, (pictured above) and was so excited to get it! She has awesome customer service and fast delivery! She also makes cases for other devices! I can't wait to get one made for my DS! She makes all sorts of other cute things too! So please check out her shop and support cute handmade!