Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Mom Life: Makeup Favs

Most days I'm lucky to wash my face and brush my teeth as a new mom. So when I do need to go out in public and not look like a zombie, I need a quick and easy routine. Here are a few of my favorite go to items.

bb cream I recently purchased Covergirl's BB Cream even though it got terrible reviews. I was looking more for a tinted moisturizer and this fit the bill on the cheap. I also like Covergirl's nature luxe for a bit more coverage. benetint I am a huge fan of Benefit products (but not of the price). The few products I have continued using tend to last me a long time and work great! I love benetint! It is a lip and cheek stain (and it smells like roses). concealerAnother one of my favorite Benefit products is this boi~ing concealer. It's great for covering up zombie eyes. On occasion, when I feel fancy I like to use Benefit's Play Stick which is a nice coverage foundation that has chamomile.mascaraI recently purchased this Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara. I like the fullness it gives my lashes and it was a pretty good price.

What are some of your favorite make up products?

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  1. BB cream is a great all-in-one product. There are so many brands to choose from though!

    - KW