Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Mom Life: Top Used Baby Shower Gifts

When your baby shower finally rolls around, you expect to get items off your registry. In the real world you get a handful of things off the registry and a ton of clothes, diapers, and other random things. Here are my top baby shower gifts that I've used the most. Hopefully it will give you an idea for an upcoming shower you are attending, or something you could use as a new mom.
wubbanubI told myself I wasn't going to do a pacifier, and here I am with a kid addicted to this Wubba Nub. This has come in handy to soothe Amelia, and help her soothe herself. It stays in her mouth better and is way easier to find without my glasses on in the middle of the night. Now that she is getting older, I've noticed her using the pacifier less and mostly playing with the animal. We are hunting down an elephant one now, in the event we loose this one.

sleepsheepThe sleep sheep is one item we did register for. My daughter loves the ocean sound, and goes right to sleep in her car seat. We have the travel and the regular sized one, and use both.

projectorWe did not register for this projecting night light/ sound machine, but we use this every night. We actually have 2 because I broke the 1st one trying to travel with it. Amelia loved the projections, especially the moon and stars. This machine also makes the ocean sound (along with many others), and has a timer.

elephantThis has been her favorite toy. Someone told me that babies can see black and white better when they are new. Not sure if that's true, but she interacts with this toy and not many of the others. My husband named it Tree Trunks (like from Adventure Time).

boppyIf you don't get anything else, you need a Boppy pillow. This is a life saver, especially if you're breastfeeding, but works great for bottle feeding too. Amelia liked to sleep on this in our laps when she was little bitty, now she likes to sit in it. I would recommend buying extra covers.

baby monitorI am using this baby monitor right now. We had no idea what to go with and I just picked one at random, but this one works well for us. I know there are all sorts of high tech ones out these days, but I'm tired and busy and who has time for figuring out crazy stuff when you may only have an hour or two to get things done?!

What are your top baby shower gifts?


  1. ...I want a sleep sheep! :P I love ocean sounds and our old sound system would play crashing beach waves which I would always fall asleep to. Want, haha. Cute list, girl!

  2. Don't quote me but I remember a psychology lecturer of mine saying never to paint babies rooms one plain colour - that babies prefer big bold blocks of colour - maybe black and white is best?