Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Hipster Easter Dress Round Up

I still haven't found the perfect dress for Amelia to wear for Easter. Probably because I am a bit unconventional and don't want her in some crazy fluffy tulle monstrosity, and I can't find anything small enough. But here are some cute things I would possibly get her, if they came in her size:

harajuku mini1 harajuku mini2 harajuku mini3All this cute Harajuku Mini stuff at Target drives me crazy! I want it all for Amelia, and I wish it was small enough, (and big enough for me too!).

bobochoses bobochoses2Bobo Choses has some really unique pieces. I like how laid back and comfy everything looks. Also, you need to be able to move freely if you are going to get your egg hunt on!

wunway wunway2 wunway3Wunway has some rad, original pieces that I can't wait for Amelia to be able to wear. Their styling on the website is super cute! They have tons of cute dresses and leggings.

What is your kiddo wearing for Easter? Know of any cool and original shops or designers?

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