Sunday, August 18, 2013

That's What She Said Sunday


When I started college in 2001, I was a psychology major, but I found the classes boring and lost interest. I was discussing changing my major with a friend, who suggested graphic design. The selling point was being able to work from home in my underwear, which sounded like a dream job.

I enjoyed the freedom of being a studio art major, and trying all sorts of new things from painting, ceramics, and screen printing. I carried this huge hot pink carpet bag and a tool box that I had taped pictures of Daniel Johns from Silverchair all over it. I made lots of friends and drank tons of coffee.

One thing I did not enjoy was most of my graphic design classes. I only specialized in graphic design, which meant taking a few more classes in that field than the other studio classes. I even had a professor tell me I would never make it as a graphic designer, and he was right. I interned at a local ad agency and hated every minute I wasted there. I didn't like the stress of pumping out a million logos in a short amount of time, and I didn't like trying to create for others.

Picture 8Me in 2006 at work.

My last year of college I took at job at a new pottery studio not far from the university. I taught people to paint on pottery, fired up the kiln, designed ads, taught workshops, pretty much helped out with everything. When I graduated in 2006, I stayed and took on teaching private art lessons once a week to Pre-K through 3rd graders, and the occasional private lessons for older kids. I never dreaded going to work, and even though I didn't make very much money I felt accomplished and happy.

Life happens and it was time for me to move on to a new city and do some traveling. But I think about how happy and fulfilling that job was, and how I've been searching for another like it since.

Someday, I would love to open a studio and teach people with a passion for art, but right now I am happy being a mom and making dolls. The journey to where I am now has been a pretty rocky one, but it makes me appreciate what I have even more. I guess the moral of the story is, find what makes you happy even if the journey is a long one.

What is your passion? Dream job? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Very true. You might like the book Chiose Yourself by James Altucher. It's a great way to get started on the path you want to be on in life.

  2. Thanks! I'll have to check it out. :)

  3. I'd love to work in publishing - just being around books, getting to be creative and write as a part of a marketing team, and not to mention, getting to help both authors and readers at large alike. Swoon! I'm just finding out now that I'm really drawn to the simultaneous creativity and structure of the marketing field, and am kicking myself for choosing my current school program ^^

  4. <3 I love that you had such a fab job, that you enjoyed, if even for a while. I can't work, and I'm not sure if I'll ever actually have a job again. I am applying for social security disability. BUT, if I could, I would: own a New Age store, or a bookstore. I would: do web design, like I do now, and learn more about HTML. I would: draw, draw, draw which I also do now! I've had people pay me for my drawing, which is pretty FANTASTIC and I feel accomplished even if I sell something for $10. ^_^ New Age anything, bookstore working, web design, drawing and blogging. Yep. Despite NOT getting paid, I'd also love to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, or the zoo, and the Pride Center.

  5. That sounds super interesting! Some friends of my in laws recently retired and are starting up a publishing company, which I thought was really cool. I think that's how college works, you follow this path and the journey leads you to your true calling lol. My last semester of college I took a screen printing class, and I wish I had taken it sooner bc I would've switched my specialization. :) good luck in everything I know you will be super successful!

  6. I think the work you are doing now is rad, because you are doing what you love. I'm finally getting to that point. I also think that volunteering is awesome, and everyone should do it when they are able and support a cause. I used to help paint houses for Habitat for Humanity when I first got in college through my job.

    I could totally see you owning a New Age store! In my head you're like Willow from Buffy and it looks like The Magic Box. :) I bet you could do an online New Age store and totally help people that way too. :)