Tuesday, August 20, 2013



I know this isn't this best picture, hello blurry, but I've been trying to capture this crazy face Amelia makes. She makes this face when she's super excited about something. Usually her arms are straight out with her little fists clenched like she's Hulking out. Sometimes she is Hulking out, especially if you try and take away her spoon.

Lately, I've been looking on Pinterest for Halloween costume ideas for Amelia. There are so many cute ideas that I'm going to have a hard time narrowing it down.

I don't remember what my first costume was, I'll have to see if my mom remembers.
What was your first Halloween costume? What are you going to dress up as this year (if you dress up)?

PS Some of you may be thinking it's too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes, but I'm already getting into full fall mode. I'm already wishing for pumpkin spice lattes and cardigan weather. It's my favorite time of the year, so excuse my crazy ;)


  1. Awwww, she is just too adorable. I want to hug her!!! I was also looking for Halloween costumes, but I figured that we would just play it by ear. He is fourteen months and his weight is pretty iffy at this point.

  2. I've already picked the girls costumes out I'm making them this year! Avery will be Alice in wonderland and Mercedes is going to be the queen of hearts. I found the ideas on pintrest too! Lots of tulle!!

  3. That sounds adorable! Going as a duo sounds like a great idea! I can't decide if I want to make her costume or not.

  4. Thank you! I didn't really think about her weight! She's growing like a weed, so good idea about playing it by ear!

  5. I so wish it was fall already! I NEED fall clothes and colors. Of course, I've already been rocking fall colored nail polish to tide myself over...

  6. We will have to do some fall thrifting soon!

  7. Sam and my husband are going as dragons/dinosaurs this year and I think I'll be a princess. I got his costume last year for $5.

    But next year! I'm totally making Sam a Totoro costume!

    I can't wait to see wait what you pick for her: )

  8. She's such a cutie! I love the face she's making so much!! I love that you said she's hulking out!