Thursday, August 1, 2013


DSCN1043Amelia and I are hanging out at our local Starbucks, drinking coffee and using their wifi. I'm hoping ours will be working again by this weekend because I have a shop update planned for Saturday.

Amelia's cousins bought her this cute tutu (which you can barely see). She had a fun time crawling around in it and mostly trying to get it in her mouth. She has been teething and throwing off her sleep schedule (and mom's), but I bet we see some little teeth soon.

Can you believe it's already August?! What plans do you have for the rest of your summer? We have plans to visit the ranch, and get a visit from MeMe at the end of August.


  1. You sound like me! I always take Q to the coffee shop and use wifi lol. It's relaxing to me, gets us out of the house, and she gets to visit with all the baristas. This summer we will be going to stay with my family for almost a week since Daddy will be on vaca. She might enjoy the pool for the first time! Other than that...maybe Cedar Point!

  2. That sounds like some fun summer plans! Amelia loves her little baby pool.
    Going to the coffee shop was a nice change from being at home all the time. :)

  3. Amelia is old enough to splash and enjoy it but Q is only 9 weeks on Sunday. Is that too young? I feel like if I take her to the pool at the Y people will think I am a bad mom. haha

  4. It's kinda like a bath so I think it would be fine :) it will be a good sensory experience.