Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scrawny Girl Shop Update

I've been working hard on a few new patterns I hope to share soon. In between thinking up new ideas, I've been trying to crank out a few chibi dolls.

If you missed out on the giveaway at My Life as A Teacup, you're in luck because I have another Teacup Doll that I just listed today! I only have a small amount of this fabric left, so this cutie is limited edition.

teacup2bookteacup2fabricThis fabric is actually from a Chelsea & Violet shirt I bought myself for my birthday a few years ago. It had a weird cut to it, so I never wore it, but it was too cute to get rid of. I am glad I am able to reuse it, and hopefully someone else will enjoy the pattern as much as I did.

Am I the only one who buys random things because they are cute?

The other doll I listed is my very first Halloween Doll! Halloween and Fall are my favorite time of the year! I found some really cute fabric, so prepare yourself for lots of spooky cuteness in the next few weeks.

booAfter talking with my business adviser (that's my sister lol), I've decided to lower the prices in my shop. I think I was looking at too many other doll makers and what they were charging, and even though I was charging less it still seemed like too much to me. I want people to be able to afford my dolls and enjoy them! I want the doll to make your face light up like it does my daughter's each time I show her what I'm working on. With that being said, my Chibi dolls are now $8, and made with lots of love!

I've also added my first illustration for sale in the shop, at the insistence of my business adviser. ;)

PmonokoesketchYou can find out more about my inspiration for the Princess Mononoke Illustration here, or purchase your very own copy here for only $5.

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