Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Girl Talk with Simply Sertain Cupcakes

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Simply Sertain Cupcakes is a local delivery cupcakery based in San Angelo, Texas. Today I am interviewing the owner Ashley Sertain, to gain some insight into the life of a small indie business owner.

1. Tell us a little about you, and what inspired you to start Simply Sertain Cupcakes?

I am a stay at home mom of 2 toddler girls- Avery (3) and Mercedes (1), and our husky Raider. My husband is a driller in the oil field, so that means he is gone at work for a week at a time. I started baking cupcakes in my free time, and my husband would take some with him to work and share with his coworkers. I started trying out new recipes on them and suddenly they wanted to buy my cupcakes. Something I did as a hobby started to look pretty good as a business. After reading books and blogs, I started getting my business together and finally launched my page in March of this year.

2. Tell us about your kitchen! What do you like best about your space?

The one thing in my kitchen I'm grateful for, is that my fridge is double door and huge so it can hold all the boxes of cupcakes before orders are picked up or delivered. I also like that we have lots of counter space, I seem to use every inch.



3. What music/tv shows do you listen to/watch while baking?

If I'm baking and my husband is home from work the TV is on some man show, and if he is at work it tends to be on cartoons or a Disney movie to help keep the girls occupied while I'm in the kitchen.

4. What are your future plans for Simply Sertain Cupcakes?

My future plans for Simply Sertain Cupcakes is first to be able to ship cupcakes to a wider customer base. Then I would like to start out with an awesome cupcake food truck, and from there open up my own shop or two or three.

5. What is your most popular cupcake flavor?

Right now the most popular flavor is a tie between strawberry cheesecake (which is a vanilla cupcake with a strawberry filling and a cream cheese frosting), and Reese's (which is a chocolate cake with a Reese's candy baked on the inside peanut butter frosting topped with a mini Reese's candy).



6. Can we get the inside scoop on a new flavor?

I'm not sure what is going to be my next new flavor. I have a book where I write all my recipes that I haven't tested yet, and I have about 50 to choose from. I'm thinking the next one will be a strawberry shortcake or strawberry cake.

7. Have you considered baking vegan cupcakes? Gluten-free?

I did look into baking vegan or gluten free cupcakes to be different from the cupcake shop that is here in San Angelo, but there isn't much of a customer demand for it here. It also takes a lot of different ingredients to make them that can't be found here, because San Angelo doesn't have a specialty grocery store.

8. What defines the perfect cupcake to you?

The perfect cupcake is a nice fluffy cupcake (not too dense), and just the right amount of frosting so it doesn't over power the cake. The combination of cupcake and frosting should complement each other.

9. What is the biggest cupcake 'dont' when preparing cupcakes for us novices?

Definitely don't just throw everything into the bowl at once and mix it. The batter will just be lumpy and not mixed well. Always remember to have dry ingredients in one bowl and wet in another, and alternate when mixing to get the best batter. For a nice frosting that can hold up to piping it on a cupcake, add a little bit of shortening to either your buttercream or cream cheese base.


10. When it comes to placing an order, what do you require?

To find me, check out and like my Facebook page Simply Sertain Cupcakes. That is where I post pictures of flavors, orders, and do give aways for free dozens. Or you can email me at

Please note: Right now she is only able to deliver/take orders for the San Angelo area. Please contact Ashley if you have any questions about whether or not your location is in her range. :)

20130718-172853.jpgAshley is doing a DOUBLE giveaway when she reaches 200 fans on Facebook. 2 lucky fans (drawn at random) will each win a FREE dozen cupcakes! So what are you waiting for?! Go like Simply Sertain Cupcakes!

***Remember the giveaway is only open to residents in the San Angelo, TX area.****


  1. I had Ashley make a Red Velvet cake and cupcakes for a Bridal Shower and they were delicious!!!! I highly recommend her!!!!

  2. Red Velvet is my fav! I'm so jealous. :)

  3. These sound like amazingly delicious flavors!