Sunday, July 21, 2013

Find Your Voice: Week 3

It took me a while to finish this weeks worksheet and project, but I finally found some time to focus and think about it.

1. What stories do you want to tell? Your stories? Stories about others? The BIG stories? or the everyday life detail stories?

I want to tell the everyday stories of me, my friends, and family. I want to make sure I don't forget the little things. Things that bring simply joy to our everyday lives.

2. What do you want from your creative life? Escape? Recognition? Relaxing? Memory keeping? Tradition?

Creative life: purpose, expression, fulfillment, happiness and a chance to share that happiness. Eventually I would like to make my creative life into a career to help support my family.

3. How do your storytelling and creativity goals fit into the rest of your life goals? Do you need to make room for new priorities in order to meet your storytelling and creative goals or are you comfortable with where you are right now?

I definitely need to make more time for these goals and myself. As a new mom this change has been really hard for me, but hopefully by organizing my time better I can make my goals happen. Right now I am able to stay home to take care of my daughter, which also gives me the opportunity to work towards my goals in a way I've never been able to before.

FYV lesson 3The creative prompt I chose was to create a project that makes you happy and come up with 5 reasons why it makes you happy. And how do the reasons compare with your creative goals?

I chose a painting I have been working on. I won't call it finished yet, but I think it's getting closer. Here it is at a stopping point:

DSCN1016And here it is, where I've stopped for tonight:

DSCN1027This is completely out of my comfort zone and I was trying some new techniques. I almost went in the direction I usually go by adding a cute face on there, but painted over it. I wanted a more abstract feel, which I've never tried before. I was inspired by Paramore's song "Still Into You".

5 Reasons This Painting Made Me Happy

1. Listening to music and painting helps me to relax. I can just be messy, play and bop my head to the beat.

2. I suck at expressing my emotions. Painting helps with that, even if no one ever sees it.

3. Teaching myself new things makes me feel happy and accomplished.

4. Having paint on my hands shows that I've been working on something joyful.

5. This painting makes me think of the love I have for my husband, even if it's corny. But we are corny. And if I want to get all deep and arty about it, I could compare our love to blossoming flowers growing into something beautiful. How we began and the journey to where we are today. LOL But that makes me feel all awkward even typing it, so lets stick with we are corny.

Here's the music video (just for fun)!

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  1. That is such a cool painting! I've always been interested in painting, but it becomes one of those things I think about without actually doing (unless we count a few months in middle school before I moved on to something else).

    ALSO. I see the word zine on the FYV page! I think we all know I like that.

    I'm a little behind on my Find Your Voice pages, still around week two I think, but maybe I'll work on that tonight. (I have a lot of projects to work on actually...) I do keep up with saving the weeks' pages to my computer though!

  2. Thank you! I was a little nervous about putting it on the blog, especially since it was something just for me.

    I just bought a bunch of your zines, and I can't wait to read them! I was thinking about writing a comic with some of my cutesy illustrations, but I thought a zine seemed more up my alley.

    I'm always about a week behind on FYV, but I want to really work through the questions and prompts so I'm taking my time. :)