Sunday, October 28, 2012

That's What She Said Sunday

Another week has come and gone, and WHERE DID OCTOBER GO?!

This month has been crazy busy for my little family. Today is my LAST baby shower, and I couldn't be more thrilled. As much as I love presents and cupcakes, it can be a little overwhelming. Not to mention the hand cramps from writing thank you notes. (I'm in desperate need of stamps!)

Between work, baby showers, baby classes, fixing up the nursery, and being a tired pregnant lady, we haven't had time to do all the fun fall things we like to do. We still haven't bought a pumpkin (let alone carved one), gone to the corn maze, bought Halloween candy, or got around to planning our little Halloween party (lets not even talk about costumes). Again, it's a little sad and stressful, but Clint put it into perspective last night by saying next year we will get to experience all those fun things with Amelia (and won't she be cute!).

So here's to one more round of cupcakes and thank you's! Tomorrow I hope to post a little DIY for a simple thank you, so stay tuned.

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