Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Before 31


I'm always making goals and long lists, but I have a hard time sticking to any of it. But I do enjoy making the list and trying. Here are my 30 Before 31 goals (yes I'm 30 OMG!):

1. Make a cheesecake from scratch.
2. Take a sewing class
3. Go to a yoga class. (I tried Zumba last year)
4. Finish knitting the baby blanket I started.
5. Visit Marfa or Santa Fe (or both!)
6. Go watch a movie at the Drive In
7. Plant flowers and keep them alive. (Doing pretty good so far!)
8. Make an exercise journal and find a routine that works for me. (Bye bye baby weight!)
9. Get a treadmill and run a mile a day. (It's too hot to run outside right now)
10. Clean out closet
11. Finish writing and illustrating my children's book.
12. Get screen printed items up in my etsy.
13. Finish making artwork for Amelia's room.
14. Do or sign up for a local craft fair.
15. Read 25 books. (Should manga count?!)
16. Finish my embroidery projects (tea towel and tote bag)
17. Learn to crochet a granny square
18. Sponsor on 3 different blogs to promote my blog and etsy.
19. Have a garage sale
20. Frame/display pictures
21. Finish Amelia's baby book.
22. Finish wedding scrapbook (3 years later).
23. Decorate our bedroom.
24. Go on a picnic.
25. Learn how to manually use my camera.
26. Finish painting the interior of the house.
27. Upgrade my blog and get a redesign.
28. 7 paintings
29. Make a functional and inspiring creative space.
30. Recover our old recliner.

What are your goals? I'm starting today, so you can too!