Friday, February 22, 2013

Coffee Date


Something inspiring: My daughter Amelia. She grows so much right before my eyes everyday, and it's amazing. You can see her little personality shining out her big eyes.

Something new: My sister took me out for a much needed pedicure. We met up with our cousin Candice and left all the kids at home. I am now obsessed with buying the color of polish on my tootsies.

Something disgusting: Baby poop. This week Amelia had some crazy poo and ruined a pair of cute pants. My husband is lucky he missed out on that personal disaster.

Something I'm listening to: The Amelie soundtrack. Amelia's projector that plays the ocean quit working, but she loves sleeping to Yann Yiersen.

This post is inspired by Treasures and Travels, check out their cute blog!

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